-Abbie Leona Wilson
Aunt Abbie on her 80th Birthday

There is nothing that Aunt Abbie appreciated more than her family.   Everyone that knew her just "didn't know what they would have done without Abbie." 

She was loved by everyone that knew her.  She attracted the attention of both young and old.  She was well liked and respected in her community and her church.  She a person that never had a harsh or unkind word for anyone.  

Aunt Abbie never married, but that doesn't mean she didn't have children.  All of us were her children.  When my mother came home from the hospital after delivering me and nearly dying...Aunt Abbie traveled to Houston to take care of both of us.  She was always there for Danny and Davis and so many others.

Once asked why she never married, Aunt Abbie said, "My daddy told me I could get married when I weighed 100 pounds."  I believe she reached that weight when she was in her 70's.

Once a young man asked Aunt Abbie to marry him, but she turned him down.  (I don't know if it had to do with Jeff Wilson, her dad.)  He eventually married one of Aunt Abbie's friends and moved to California.  They all remained friends throughout the years and corresponded on a regular basis.

Aunt Abbie walked to and from church.  I don't believe she ever missed going.  In fact, in the picture above, she had just returned from church to a surprise birthday party.  It was a wonderful event and all of her living brothers and sisters were in attendance.  Even though Aunt Pearl was in the nursing home, we were able to get a pass for her too.  All of us brought a covered dish for dinner and we had the official birthday cake, of course.

She was quite proud of the fact that she was the only one of the children born in Indian Territory.  The responsibility of caretaker of the family history fell on Abbie.  She corresponded with cousins she knew well and cousins she didn't know at all in order to preserve the family history.

Aunt Abbie passed away in December, 1974 ....2 weeks after her sister Ettie,  my grandmother. There was such a void created by her passing...a void that could not be filled.



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