Family Group Sheet

Alexander Wilson & Mary Kidwell

Name Alexander WILSON
Birth 2 Mar 1812, Grainger County, Tennessee
Death 19 Apr 1896, Weston, Collin County, Texas
Burial Mugg Cemetery, Collin Co., Tx
Father John WILSON (~1784-1882)
Mother Nancy HUME(S) (~1786->1860)
Marriage 26 Jul 1844, Monroe County, Kentucky
Spouse Mary KIDWELL    Picture
Birth 9 Jun 1823, Tompkinsville, Monroe County, Kentucky
Death 26 Feb 1906, Warden, Collin County, Texas
Burial Mugg Cemetery, Collin County, Texas
Father John K. (Jack) KIDWELL (1798-1884)
Mother Margaret BLAND (1799-1887)
Birth 20 Jun 1845, Monroe County, Kentucky
Death 14 Feb 1854, Monroe County, Kentucky
2 F Elizabeth Jane WILSON    Picture
Birth 16 Sep 1846, Monroe County, Kentucky
Death 30 Dec 1923, Cedar Creek, Taney Co., Missouri
Spouse Isaac MOORE
Marriage 26 Nov 1865
3 M Charles "Bud" WILSON
Birth 28 Feb 1848, Monroe County, Kentucky
Death 4 Mar 1936
Spouse Julia BUCK
Marriage 13 Sep 1868
4 M Alexander WILSON     Picture
Birth 19 Jun 1850, Monroe County, Kentucky
Death 18 Apr 1896
5 M William WILSON
Birth 22 Mar 1852, Monroe County, Kentucky
Death 4 Aug 1852
6 M Samuel WILSON
Birth 30 Jun 1853, Monroe County, Kentucky
Death 14 Dec 1873
7 F Sarah Margaret WILSON     Picture
Birth 31 Oct 1855, Monroe County, Kentucky
Death 14 Dec 1932, Texas
Spouse Col. Samuel Joshua PARKER
Marriage 27 Mar 1873, Weston, Collin County, Texas
8 F Nancy Ann WILSON     Picture
Birth 5 Apr 1857, Monroe County, Kentucky
Death 31 Jul 1939
Spouse George W. DONAGHEY
Marriage 22 Apr 1873
9 M Martin Thomas WILSON    Picture
Birth 13 Jun 1859, Forsyth, Taney Co., Missouri
Death 1950
Spouse Jane FURGESON
10 M George Washington WILSON    Picture
Birth 26 Mar 1861, Taney County, Missouri
Death 14 Nov 1955, Yakima, Yakima County, Washington
Spouse Margaret Ann "Maggie" WHITLOCK
Marriage 1885, Paris, Lamar County, Texas
11 M Jefferson Davis WILSON     Picture
Birth 28 Jun 1863, Forsyth, Taney Co., Missouri
Death 11 Dec 1946, Van Alstyne, Grayson Co., Tx
Spouse Ida Leona SALING
Marriage 31 Mar 1887, Weston, Collin Co., Texas
12 M James Hayden WILSON    Picture
Birth 10 Aug 1867, Taney County, Missouri
Death 18 Nov 1947
Spouse Maggie Matilda SALING
Marriage 31 May 1888
Notes for Mary KIDWELL
Sister of John Kidwell, John's children called her "Aunt Pop"

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