Mary Beulah Wilson

Beulah Wilson Jordan

Beulah Wilson Jordan

Everyone would agree that the children of Jeff and Ida Wilson were the very best...every one of them.  However, some of their children were brighter shining stars than the others.  Aunt Beulah was one.

Aunt Beulah was born four weeks before the death of her grandmother, Mary Kidwell in 1906.  She often told me she was named after both of her grandmothers.   Jeff and Ida certainly named her well for both Mary Kidwell and Beulah were of strong character and stock and looked so much alike.

Beulah married Roy Jordan when she was 36.  She gave birth to three children, Danny, Davis and Baby Girl.  Baby Girl was premature and stillborn.   Roy was a police officer and worked in Dallas.  He and Aunt Beulah divorced when the children were young.  She remained very close to Roy's sisters, Ruby and Ruth.  We thought of them as our family.

Danny & Davis
Danny & Davis Jordan

A teacher had once encouraged Aunt Beulah to study accounting.   However, she was needed by farm and family and did not pursue that career.  In later years she often lamented not continuing her studies. 

Her life was far from easy.  She worked at laundries to support herself and her two sons, she took in ironing, cleaned houses and cooked for others.  At one time she became a live-in housekeeper and nanny at her nephew's home in Houston.  She and Ola worked at the Gunter Nursing Home after Uncle Edgar passed away.  They spent the rest of their lives living together. 

Her son, Davis was killed in an automobile accident on her birthday in 1961.  His death was more than many of us could bare.  Somehow, Aunt Beulah found the strength and courage she needed to put one foot in front of the other and go on.  I know that Aunt Abbie and Aunt Ola were distraught for years over the loss.  

Her son, Danny preceded her in death also.  He died in 1979.   Within a three month period of time she lost two sisters, Pearl and Ola and her remaining son Danny. 

Beulah had been visiting Danny in Houston when Aunt Pearl passed away.  She returned home for the funeral and shortly afterwards Aunt Ola was hospitalized in Dallas.  Beulah stayed at the hospital with her to make sure she was cared for properly.  They had only recently returned home when Danny died.  Aunt Ola passed away six weeks later.  Throughout it all she remained strong, as she had all her life.

In later years Aunt Beulah had back problems, knee problems, leukemia, shingles, pneumonia and various other infirmities too numerous to mention.   Through them all she remained determined to get well and she did.  I used to laugh when she would bemoan the fact that she couldn't get outside to mow the grass or pick up pecans.

Aunt Beulah was blessed with three grandchildren after Danny married.  She was very proud of them.

Sometimes when times are tough, I think of Aunt Beulah and of all she endured over the years without complaint, with a smile on her face and the courage to go on.  Then my problems seem so minor in comparison.


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