Charles Davis Jordan

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Davis' Song

When I was small you seemed so very tall.
I was growing were my prince charming.
When you walked in...the room was brighter then.
You had a way about you so disarming.

I loved the way you picked me up,
And put me on you back.
You carried me around the yard
Down past the railroad tracks.

You always had the time for me.
The time to make me smile.
You teased me without mercy,
And I loved it all the while.

When you were called and taken from us all...
Time stood still while my tears were falling.
And to this day....I see your smiling face,
And sometimes I swear I hear you calling...........

"Give me your hands. I'll pick you up and put you on my back.
I'll carry you around the yard and past the railroad tracks." Yes, I've got some time for you, if you've got me a smile.
I'll tease you 'til you laugh for me and love you all the while."

It's memories of you that define my heroes....
Memories of you go wherever I go.

........When I was small you seemed so very tall.
Now I'm grown and you're still my Prince Charming........

The lyrics to Davis' Song were written in 1995 by Bill Wendt
and were based on the stories I told him of Davis.


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Davis Jordan was the son of Beulah Wilson Jordan and Roy Jordan.   He was a wonderful son, nephew, brother and cousin.  A great light was extinguished in our family when Davis was killed in an automobile accident between Sherman and Denison, on his mother's birthday, at the age of 18.

Aunt Beulah said Davis was a friend to everyone but especially to those that were "down on their luck".  When they were living in Dallas, Davis once befriended a young handicapped boy in a wheelchair.  He didn't have many friends and Davis asked if he'd like to come home for some of Aunt Beulah's cooking.  The trip to the house was over a mile.. pushing the wheel chair.. but Davis was glad to do it.  After supper that night Davis escorted the young man back to his own home. 

The first funeral I ever attended was with Davis.  His cat had been killed in Van Alstyne when I was 7.  We prepared him in a box and held our own funeral.  I remember Davis crying.  He loved animals and birds.

I spent time with Davis 4 months before the automobile accident.   We walked to a local convenience store for a coke and he asked me about myself, my dog, my family and my friends.  I treasure that memory. 

.......We love you Davis.......


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