December 28, 1923 Washington


Hello JDW,

How are you and Ida and the youngsters. I am feeling fine. Hope you are all enjoying good health.

Well, Jeff, I would like to see you all but I guess I never will unless you come out here. We live in _______________. We have two houses in town and a ranch 11 miles from town and I have a ranch rented six miles from here that has 80 acres of alfalfa, which will make 200 tons of hay. I and the boys take six acres of it ourself. I have 3 boys at home yet and one boy is in New Mexico at Silver City. He went there two months ago for his health.

My oldest boy lives at Endicott. I guess you remember his name was George A. and the second boy Charley and second girl died at Endicott, Washington and _________ , the third boy died at Silver City, New Mexico __________________, the boy out there a month ago said he was going down in Texas to see all of you before he came back to Washington.

You will know him if you see him. He is 6’2" and is only 18 years old. I don’t know how much taller he will get. The oldest boy at home is 16 and weights 150 and two younger than him. Our baby boy is 11 years old and weighs 120.

I am working in a wholesale grain and feedstore this winter. $9.00 a month.

Well, Jeff, I guess you will weigh more than I do if you weigh more than 200 for I only weigh 160 and can do as much work as I ever could. I will be 63 the 26th of March. I don’t know whether you can read this or not for the ________________ give and the youngsters are singing and Nellie the youngest girl plays well on the piano.

We have 11 children, 7 boys and 4 girls and I am proud of everyone of them. They are an improvement on their old dad. I guess they take after their mother.

Jeff it has been 35 years since I left there, but it doesn’t seem so long. I was sure glad to hear you were all living. I think of you often, but I do hate to write. Tell them all to write to me and tell Jim Ferguson that I can throw him down yet. And tell Bob, Joe & Susy hello for me. I would like to see all the old boys and play old "Turkey In The Straw", "Walkalong John" and "Dance A Jig" and hear Jim laugh.

I guess you all think I am an old gray bearded stiff, but I haven’t got but a few gray hairs yet. My whiskers are gray, but I keep clean shaved so I don’t look over 45.

Well, Mother and the girls will write and send some photos when we hear from you again.

As ever,

Your Brother, G. W. Wilson

P. S. Nellie is playing the phonograph and I will have to dance a little to keep from getting old. TRY IT!


(I never met my Great Great Uncle George Wilson, but everytime I read this letter I feel as if I know him.  To the best of my knowledge, he and Jeff never saw each other again.   George Washington Wilson passed away in 1955 at the age of 94.)

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