Family Group Sheet

Emil Paul Roehrig & Frieda Lena Foster

Name Emil Paul ROEHRIG  Picture
Birth 17 Jul 1903, Syracuse, Onondada County, New York
Death 9 May 1970, Houston, Harris County, Texas
Burial 11 May 1970, Houston, Harris County, Texas
Occupation Machinist at Continental Can Company & worked for County Commissioner W. Kyle Chapman.
Religion Catholic, Methodist
Father Joseph Paul ROEHRIG (1872-1937)
Mother Franciska (Frances) GIRSCH (1873-1967)
Other Spouses Vivian Johnson REED
Marriage 25 Jun 1924, Syracuse, New York
Spouse Frieda Lena (Lee) FOSTER      Picture
Birth 25 Mar 1902, Pompey, Onondaga County, New York
Death 26 Nov 1942, Houston, Harris County, Texas
Burial Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery, Houston, Harris County, Texas
Occupation Housewife
Religion Catholic
Father Frederick Lincoln FOSTER (~1865-~1925)
Mother Emma Stella WINCHELL (~1869-1942)
1 M Paul Robert ROEHRIG   Picture
Birth 21 Apr 1925, Syracuse, Onondaga Co., New York
Spouse Betty Jo (Pete) WILLARD
Marriage 10 Jan 1948, First Christian Church Houston, Texas
2 F Jane Frances ROEHRIG    Picture
Birth 23 Dec 1926, Syracuse, New York
Death Altamonte Springs, Florida
Spouse Joy (called Jay) CARROLL
Marriage 15 Aug 1946
3 F Beverly Grace ROEHRIG    Picture
Birth Syracuse, New York
Spouse Frank SAMSON
Marriage 20 Jan 1956
Notes for Frieda Lena (Lee) FOSTER
In Memoriam

In MEMORY of Mrs. Frieda Lee Roehrig who passed away a year ago today.

In sorrow we waited day by day,
And watched her suffering there;
Slowly but surely passing away
From the pain she scarce could bear.
and then God called from His throne above.
Her suffering and pain is past;
We know she has gone to realms of love,
And in heaven has peace at last.


In memory of my wife and our mother Frieda Lee, who passed away a year ago today.

We miss you now, our hearts are sore;
As time goes by we miss you more;
Your loving smile, your gentle face,
No one can fill your vacant place,

Bereaved Husband, Emil P. Roehrig and Children


In loving memory of our dear mother, Lee Roehrig, who passed away November 26, 1942. Just a token of love and remembrance to one we shall never forget.

Beverly and Paul Roehrig,
Jane Fry and Emil P. Roehrig



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