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Jeff Davis Wilson & Ida Leona Saling

Name Jefferson Davis WILSON     Picture
Birth 28 Jun 1863, Forsyth, Taney County, Missouri
Death 11 Dec 1946, Van Alstyne, Grayson County, Texas
Burial Weston, Collin County, Texas
Father Alexander WILSON (1812-1896)
Mother Mary KIDWELL (1823-1906)
Marriage 31 Mar 1887, Weston, Collin County, Texas
Spouse Ida Leona SALING
Birth 13 Feb 1869, Granville, Monroe County, Missouri
Death 20 Jul 1937
Burial 21 Jul 1937, Warden Cemetery, Collin County, Texas
Father Francis Marion SALING (1836-1923)
Mother Mary Susan SNELL (1847-1879)
1 M Joseph Marion (Joe) WILSON
Birth 25 Jan 1888, Weston, Collin County, Texas
Death 4 Feb 1924, Weston, Collin County, Texas
Spouse Stella MILLER
Marriage 19 Sep 1915
2 F Hattie (Pearl) WILSON
Birth 7 Sep 1889, Weston, Collin County, Texas
Death 26 Apr 1979, Van Alstyne, Grayson County, Texas
Spouse Claude MILLER
Marriage 15 Aug 1912
3 M Charles Alexander (Charlie) WILSON
Birth 10 Mar 1892, Weston, Collin County, Texas
Death 4 Dec 1951
Spouse Lillian JACKSON
Marriage 24 Jan 1913
4 F (Abbie) Leona WILSON
Birth 13 Oct 1894, Allen, Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
Death 2 Dec 1974, Sherman, Grayson County, Texas
5 F Sarah Alice "Allie" WILSON
Birth 25 Mar 1897, Weston, Collin County, Texas
Death 6 Feb 1969
Spouse John Daniel BAKER
Marriage 18 Oct 1914
6 M Jeffie James "Jim" WILSON
Birth 25 Mar 1897, Weston, Collin County, Texas
Death May 1976
Spouse Amy MILLER
Marriage 25 Dec 1915
7 F (Ettie) Belle WILSON
Birth 27 Feb 1900, Weston, Collin County, Texas
Death 15 Nov 1974, Henderson, Texas
Spouse Edgar Leondus (Jack) WILLARD
Marriage 15 Jul 1922, Warden School House - First Christian Church
8 M Tommie Bryan "Tom" WILSON
Birth 24 Feb 1903, Weston, Collin County, Texas
Death abt 1980, Tombean, Texas
Spouse Gladys Maude BIGGS
Marriage 11 Jul 1934
9 F Mary (Beulah) WILSON
Birth 21 Jan 1906, Weston, Collin County, Texas
Spouse Roy JORDAN
Marriage 8 Jul 1939, Baptist Church, Sherman, Texas
10 F Susie (Ola) WILSON
Birth 14 Dec 1908, Weston, Collin Coounty, Texas
Death 30 Jul 1979, Van Alstyne, Collin County, Texas
Spouse Edgar Rufus SLEDGE
Marriage 3 Jan 1942
11 M Willie Edgar "Bill" WILSON
Birth 3 Sep 1911, Weston, Collin County, Texas
Spouse Lucy LOCKETT
Marriage 14 Sep 1936
Notes for Ida Leona SALING
Another of My School Mates Passed Away
published Thursday, August 12, 1937, The Van Alstyne Leader

On my return home on the evening of July the 25th, I was informed that Mrs. Ida Saling Wilson had passed over death's chilly stream; and her remains placed in the home of the silent dead. This gave me deepest regrets and made me to realize that another of the many of my acquaintances of my childhood days, now numbered with others of whom I had enjoyed association in the long-long ago.

Memory tells me of the many times I had enjoyed pass time sports on the school ground with her and others of my school attendants; and especially does it recall the many times we joined in lessons and singing in the Sunday School at the old Warden School house, under the superindendance of John Willard (who has long time lived at Celina, Texas).

Then, too, I am reminded that Jeff Wilson, having attended schools, singings, and Sunday School there, had developed that degree of affection for Miss Ida which brought about their union that lasted until death separated. Of Ida it only fair to say she was ever faithful in the discharge of life's duties, and to say she was apt in learning, obedient to the summons of her divine Master and Savior, loyal as a neighbor, faithful to the home.

In a more touching form of expression, I speak of her as follows:

In her childhood's happy days
She did her daily duties well;
Was modest in her words and ways
The truth she'd ever tell.

Kind to parents, sister, brother
Made life pleasant for her guests;
Loved she the right more than all other
In youth, Christ's name she had confessed.

Cared she for her children ever.
Stove to make this life all joys.
Instructed wrong did never.
Advised aright, her girls and boys.

For neighbors, friends and kindred dear,
She had a word of worthwhile good
Ever tried to make life cheer
Never failed to praise her God.

May all who knew this faithful mortal
Of her sufferings here below
Strive to meet her in that portal
Where pain and sorrow is no more.
..........J. E. Nichols.

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