Family Group Sheet Index


Frederick Foster Emil Roehrig Alexander Wilson
Alexander Humes Alois Roehrig John Wilson
Jacob Null Joseph Roehrig Jeff Davis Wilson
John Calvin Willard-Null Mr. & Mrs. Roehrig James Hayden Wilson
Richard T. W. Dodson  

George Washington Wilson

Francis Marion Helms   Margaret Wilson
John Kidwell   Elizabeth Wilson



Descendants Index

...A Work In Progress....

Roehrig Jacob Null Thomas Wilson
Alexander Hume David Wilson James Thomas Kidwell
Christopher Foster William Willard John Isaac Helms
Frederick Lincoln Foster Henry Towles Charles Dodson, Sr.
Johann Peter Saling Edward Penick Peter Bass Penick
Francis Marion Saling William Hammett, Sr.
Bennett Family

...More Coming Soon....


Letters & Miscellaneous

Letter from Manda

J. E. Mulky Joseph Roehrig
George Wilson 1891 George Wilson  1923 Joseph Roehrig
George Wilson 1944 Missing Links - Snow Snell, Snow & Saling Notes
Major David Wilson - Notes    

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