Harriett & Edgar

Harriett and Edgar Brandau

Aunt Hattie
Daughter of Frederick Foster and Emma Winchell
Married Edgar Brandau


Robert and Ralph Brandau

Harriett's & Edgar's Children
Bobbie & Ralph


Harriett Evelyn Foster Brandau

Harriett Evelyn Foster was born on a farm near LaFayette, New York on March 27, 1898, the daughter of Frederick Lincoln Foster and Emma Estelle Winchell Foster. Harriett grew up in that area, along with her sisters, Grace Louise, Frieda Lena (Lee), Bernice Elizabeth and a brother, Calvin Leroy.

On June 2, 1919, she was married to Edgar Frederick Herman Brandau of St. Louis, Missouri, having become acquainted with him as he served his country in World War I, where he was stationed in the area in which she lived with her family. The wedding certificate verifies that they were married at The Church of the Atonement, Syracuse, New York, by Pastor Robert Fortenbaugh. It was witnessed by Grace Louise Southard and Frank Henry Southard. There are a number of poems and quotes on the pages of the booklet, the first being:

    "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and
    shall cleave unto his wife; and they shall be one flesh."
                    Genesis 11:24

The newly-weds traveled to St. Louis, Missouri, where they made their home for the next 46 years. They were the parents of two sons, Ralph Charles (born 28 Oct 1921 - deceased 20 Oct 1999), and Robert Harold Brandau (born 25 Feb 1928 - deceased 20 Dec 1997). Edgar returned to his chosen profession of Interior Decorator at Lammert Furniture Company, in St. Louis, where he received several awards for his service to that company, and it's predecessor, Trolich & Dunker Furniture Co., for whom he had worked before he entered the service. They and their sons, Ralph and Robert, were active members of the Faith Lutheran Church, St. Louis, and made many close personal friends there, the boys being confirmed into the Christian Faith and the Lutheran Church.

In 1965, Edgar and Harriett moved to Blackburn, Missouri in West Central Missouri to be nearer their son Ralph and family. Robert and family were then residing in the Northwestern United States. They enjoyed small town living, their church, and made a number of friends. Harriett worked with the Women's Guild of her church, joined an Extension Club and the American Legion Auxiliary, and found many avenues to make friends and be with people.

Edgar was called from this life on October 13, 1966, a victim of kidney disease, while he was a patient in Kelling Clinic, Waverly, Missouri. He had been under the care of a Kansas City Kidney Specialist. He is interred in New Bethlehem Cemetery, North St. Louis, Missouri, along with other members of his family. Funeral services were held at Zion Lutheran Church, Blackburn, Missouri, and graveside services at the cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri. In his memory a stained glass window as installed in the chancel area of the church.

After Edgar's death, Harriett continued to reside in Blackburn, Missouri in her mobile home on the lot adjoining Ralph and Ellen's home. She busied herself working for Civic projects - sewing, crocheting, baking for Blackburn's Country Store (a project developed to make money for the building of a new Civic Center and City Hall in the town of Blackburn where her son, Ralph, was mayor for 14 years) Having been a clerk at Landsbaum's Department Store in the St. Louis area, she fit right in with the General Store which Ralph and Ellen operated in Blackburn. She was highly skilled with the Dry Goods Department and Gift Shop and her pleasant personality was a big asset.

Harriett's crocheting and sewing talents were excellent and her cooking skills even better - And, Ralph, Ellen and Janet were always there to "test things out."

Harriett lived ten years after Edgar's death. Even though she missed her beloved Edgar, she kept busy, enjoyed her many friends, made a trip to Syracuse to see her sister Grace. She helped in Ralph's and Ellen's store and cherished the friendship of Ellen's aunt, Emma Crowley, who lived about thirty miles from Blackburn. Emma had lost her husband about the time that Poppa Edgar had died. Ralph and Ellen took these two ladies on several trips - to the East Coast, Washington, D. C., New York, to the Minnesota and Wisconsin area, to Colorado and several fun trips to the Ozarks in Missouri.

Harriett departed this life December 20, 1976, after several heart attacks. Funeral services were held at Zion Lutheran Chruch, Blackburn, Missouri, with graveside services and interment alongside Edgar in New Bethlehem Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri on December 23, 1976.

Harriett and Edgar were exemplary role models for their children and grandchildren, and were highly respected by their family and friends.

        Ellen Brandau, daughter-in-law of Harriett Foster Brandau.

Thank you so much Ellen.

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