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When I was very young I though Aunt Janie belonged exclusively to me!  She was a wonderful person and it saddens me that I did not see her very often after my mother quit work. 

Aunt Janie lived next door to Jack & Ettie Willard, my grandparents, in the photo above.  I stayed with her while my mother was working.   It was a perfect setting for me.  Mamaw and Aunt Janie were always doing something which included me and Papaw came home for lunch every day.  I was surrounded by three of my very favorite people and always got a nickle from Papaw for the ice cream man before he returned to work.  Sometimes Aunt Janie's children and grandchildren would visit and we had loads of fun.  The lady two houses down had a racoon that I was particularly fond of.

Below is a photo of  Debbie and me waiting for the ice cream man in front of Aunt Janie's house.


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