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Lee Foster Roehrig

Daughter of Frederick Lincoln Foster and Emma Estelle Winchell

Lee & Emil

Lee & Emil's first photograph

Lee at the beach - 1936

Lee passed away in 1942 at the age of 40 after a long bout with uterine cancer.  She was a warm, loving and kind person to all that knew her.  Her daughter Jane, who looked so very much like Lee, once told me that she was "the perfect mother".

It's understandable that Lee would work hard at perfecting marriage and family.  Her own childhood had been far from perfect.  She and two of her sisters were placed in an orphanage at a young age.  Her parents continued to live in the area.  We do not know why this action was taken.  Lee's youngest sister was given up for adoption to a local family.  Lee remained in the orphanage until her oldest sister married and gained custody of her. 

She was soft spoken and never critical.  I believe if one wanted to know Lee, they should look no further than Jane, who was so very much like her.

Lee's life was such a short one, but one that will continue to be a positive influence on generations to come.

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