From George Washington Wilson

To: Alex and Mary Kidwell Wilson

Selah, Washington

January 14, 1 891

Dear Father & Mother:

I received your letter first mail. Was glad to hear from you all. You was talking of going out west next spring. You and Mother can get on the train and come out here just as well as you can go out there. I would like awful well to see you and Mother and you can come out here next summer just as well as you can stay at home.

Well, I will send you the price of everything., Hay's worth six cents. I have sold 3 hogs for 10 cents a pound I had. Potatoes are worth 1-1/2 cents a pound. Wheat - 1-1/2 cents a pound. Green apples 2-1/2 cents and everything else that we can raise up here. But we can go 85 miles west of here and everything is cheap.

Well, Mother, I will write you a few lines. You must get Papa in the notion of coming out west this summer and eat fish, deer and elk for about a month. A mineral bath will make you feel like you was about 16 years old.

Tell them cousins to write me and come out and take a look at this country. I would not stop in country for a lifetime unless it was very short. There is a good chance for a hard working man out here.

Well, I will close for this time. Hoping to hear from you all soon. Cora, you and Mary must write to your Uncle George Wilson some time. And when you get married, come out to see us.

As ever,

G. W. Wilson

(This letter was written to Alex and Mary Wilson from their son George. Cora and Mary were grandchildren raised by "Alec" & Mary Wilson.  To the best of my knowledge, George W. Wilson never saw his parents again.).

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