To: Jeff Davis Wilson

From George Washington Wilson

Selah Washington

December 13, 1944

Dear Brother:

Got your letter yesterday. Was glad to hear you were still living.

I have been sick. Was in the south 2 months and 19 days. Had ____ there. I am about to loose the site of my right eye, but can see a little out of it. But it's getting better all the while.

Am in hopes you get well and come out. I am getting deaf. Can't hear out of my right ear, but feel fine. Every other way I have good use of myself. Tell me what became of Martin's wife and children.

Jeff, send me your picture taken now and I will send you mine. I will have some taken when I go to YaKIMMIE??. One of the boys lives down there.

All of the boys got them a elk and deer a piece. His wife got the biggest cow elk in the woods.

I don't think, Abby, you can read this. I can't myself. I can see the light, but what's on the road?

Geo. Wilson


(Note:  Jeff Wilson passed away 2 years after this letter was written.  George Wilson passed away in 1955.)

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