Mary Kidwell

Mary Kidwell Wilson...."Pop"


1: Mary KIDWELL (Pop)

Birth: 9 Jun 1823 Tompkinsville, Monroe County, Kentucky
Death: 26 Feb 1906 Warden, Collin County, Texas
Burial: Mugg Cemetery, Collin County, Texas

Father: John K. (Jack) KIDWELL (1798-1884)
Mother: Margaret BLAND (1799-1887)

Marriage: 26 Jul 1844 Monroe County, Kentucky


Name: Alexander WILSON

Birth: 2 Mar 1812 Grainger County, Tennessee
Death: 19 Apr 1896 Weston, Collin County, Texas
Burial: Mugg Cemetery, Collin Co., Tx

Father: John WILSON (~1784-1882)
Mother: Nancy HUME (~1786->1860)

John (1845-1854)
Elizabeth Jane (1846-1923)
Charles "Bud" (1848-1936)
Alexander (1850-1896)
William (1852-1852)
Samuel (1853-1873)
Sarah Margaret (1855-1932)
Nancy Ann (1857-1939)
Martin Thomas (1859-1950)
George Washington (1861-1955)
Jefferson Davis (1863-1946)
James Hayden (1867-1947)


Mrs. Mary Wilson

Leaves 109 Living Descendants and 21 Dead. Total 130.

Weston, Texas, February 22.--On that memorable day, February 22, heads were bowed in sorrow. The angel of death invaded the home of Mr. Jeff Wilson and claimed as its victim his aged mother, who had been hovering on the brink of the grave for some time.

Mrs. Mary (nee Kidwell) Wilson was born in Kentucky, June 9, 1823, and was married to Alex Wilson July 23, 1844. Unto this union were born twelve children, sixty-nine grandchildren and forty-nine great grandchildren.

She was proceded to the grave by four children, seven grandchildren and ten great grandchildren and by her husband nine years ago.

She and her husband moved from Kentucky to Missouri at an early date. Thence in 1871 to Collin County, Texas where they permanently settled.

Two of her children, Haydon, and George live in Idaho. Martin Wilson at Allen ___ Those could not attend her bedside. Five of her children who attended were: Charley Wilson of Cordell, Oklahoma, Mrs. Bettie Moore of Missouri, Mrs. Parker of Celina, Texas and Mrs. Doneghey of the Territory.

Mrs. Wilson realized that her mission in this world was near a close and frequently stated her willingness to cross the cold stream of death. For fifty-six years she tried her utmost to live a devout Christian , and like Saint Paul, she had a hard fight and finished.....
.....(paper torn)


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