Monroe County, Kentucky

April 15, 1883


Smith, this is to say to you that I went to see them old folks on the 12th of April. They say they are as well as can expect. Myself, I am not well.

Mr. Wilson, this letter is to you and your wife. I failed to go and see them old folks as I promised, for which I ask you and the old lady not to think hard of me nor Smith.

Mr. Wilson, I found them in a bad fix. The old man is confined to the bed the most of his time. The old lady is stout of her aging. I told you wife that I would write to her their age. The old man is 85 years old the 15 of July 1883. The old lady is 84 the 11 of December 1883. The old man is in a final condition. I give them $5.00. I told them you sent the money to them. Smith told me that you said so if they need it. I say to you they are in a bad fix. They have 2 daughters and 1 grandchild living with them in the cabin.

A Mr. Gording in the other cabin joining them. In fact the old lady told me they was out of everything almost. She said the girls worked out for their self. I told the old lady to use the money you sent them for their benefit. She said they would. She told me you sent them $5.00 before.

Ever did I want them to meet me in town and have that photograph taken. The old man said that he never expected to be from home while he lived. I want you to see old age indeed. I told them that it would not cost them 1 cent.

The old lady said for me to write you their thanks for what you had done for them. They won't be here long.

Write soon,

yours J. E. Mulky.

The old people in this letter are John & Margaret Kidwell.

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