Mamaw & Papaw's Grandchildren


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Ettie Willard and her seven grandchildren
Rusty & Kelly
Donna & Leslie
Paula, Cindy & Jackie Sue



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Mamaw was the best cook in the entire world.  Her kitchen was her domaine.  She taught me the correct way to make a bed, hang out clothes and wash dishes.  For Mamaw there was an art to performing those tasks.   Her patience in teaching me to hold the yarn and chain stitch with a crochet hook later enabled me to do so with ease.


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Papaw gave me 50 every Sunday after he read the Sunday Comic Strip to me.  He always told me to spend some on the ice cream man, but to save at least half of it.


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Jack Willard and granddaughters.

I would often spend Sunday Afternoons at the Houston Zoo with Papaw.
He was a wonderful grandfather.
One of my favorite memories is sitting in his lap while driving the truck.



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The first Willard grandchild.


Jack, Ettie & Kimberly
Mamaw & Papaw with great granddaughter Kimberly


Papaw kept his boots in the closet. I never went near the closet.


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